What is a fuzzling?

A hand stitched plush monster with fleece face and ears.  Safety eyes and a felt tooth (sometimes 2 teeth).

Why should you adopt?

Everyone needs a monster to hug.  They are great for the young at heart... plus Fuzzlings are super cute!

Like what you see?

Adopt a Fuzzling for yourself or for a friend.   monsters need love too!

I'm Andrea - the maker of the fuzzlings

Fuzzling creator.  Tea drinker.  Halloween gal. 

Hand-stitched plush monsters

Adoption facts

Each Fuzzling is named when created. 

Your Fuzzling comes with an adoption certificate as well as care and safety instructions.


Loosely based on my favourite character, Ludo, these plush monsters are a work of love.


Each monster is hand stitched and have their own personality ... but they all love cookies!