Adoption facts

Each Fuzzling is named when created. 

Every Fuzzling comes with an adoption certificate as well as care and safety instructions.

Like what you see?

Adopt a Fuzzling for yourself or for a friend.   monsters need love too!

I'm Andrea - the maker of the fuzzlings

Fuzzling creator.  Tea drinker.  Halloween gal. 

Hand-stitched plush monsters


Inspired by my favourite character, Ludo, my plush monsters are a work of love.


Each monster is cut out and then hand stitched.  Each one has their own personality... but they all love cookies! 

What is a fuzzling?

A hand stitched plush monster with fleece face and ears.  Safety eyes and a felt tooth (sometimes 2 teeth).

Why should you adopt?

Everyone needs a monster to hug.  They are great for the young at heart... plus Fuzzlings are super cute!